Tara-Lyn's Story

Tara-Lyn is a visionary in the field of Pilates, driven by a passion for teaching with purpose and empowering individuals through movement. With over two decades of experience, she has honed her expertise to establish The Studio, a beacon of excellence in Pilates instruction.

As the Founder and owner of The Studio Tara Lyn Pilates, Tara-Lyn is committed to nurturing a community of Pilates professionals dedicated to upholding the highest standards of the Classical Pilates Method. She serves as a guiding force for aspiring instructors through Rebel Pilates Collective Teacher Certification, and maintains an inclusive approach to all clients she teaches. She is also a celebrity and pro athlete trainer. 

Tara-Lyn's leadership extends beyond the studio walls; she collaborates with medical professionals, spearheading innovative initiatives like the Tara Lyn Pilates Cancer Strength and Recovery program, which supports patients during their cancer journey. In addition to her role as a studio owner, Tara-Lyn is a sought-after coach and mentor for Pilates professionals globally, imparting her wealth of knowledge in areas such as trauma informed movement, neurological disorders, prehab and post-physical therapy rehabilitation, barre variations, TRX and all of the Classical Pilates Repertoire with Contemporary Variations. 


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