Here are Pilates Tools and Equipment I Recommend

It can be intimating knowing what to purchase to enhance your Pilates practice, business or teaching. Here is a vetted list with links of my favorite products that are inexpensive and have quick delivery!

My goal is to help you have access to all the tools needed to practice, teach and have a successful studio business. This list is also a great guide for a Pilates teacher or student teacher just starting out! 

The Aero Pilates Spine Corrector

Correct your posture, open your spine and chest with this amazing Pilates Apparatus.

This is a great solution for anyone wanting to purchase spine correctors at a reasonable price. It is structurally similar in dimensions to the Classical Spine Correctors and less than 1/3 the price. I bought these for my second studio and they are made well and lasting! And super fast delivery! Classical manufacturers take months. 


Purchase Aero Pilates Barrel

The Aero Pilates Pilates Ring

It is a small tool with a big impact! Use this Pilates tool to enhance your mat work and really connect into the exercises! Deepen your workouts with this small but mighty tool! 

Get it quick with this link. Many other manufacturers lead time is much longer!  


Purchase Pilates Ring

Amazon Basic Pilates Mat


Pilates workouts need a mat with a little more cushion for the spine and this is a versatile one! 

Great price and quick delivery! 


Purchase Pilates Mat

Pilates Triad Ball

This ball is great for Pilates workouts because you can inflate and deflate it as needed. It is a non slip material and well constructed. We get a lot of use out of these in studio and at home.
And it was developed by 2 highly respected Pilates Educators that I know and love who know their stuff! 


Purchase Pilates Triad Ball

Pilates Grip socks

Many studios require grip socks for their classes. These half grip socks are stylish and functional! We sell out of grip socks quickly at our studios!


Purchase Pilates Grip Socks